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Friday, February 12, 2010

Data in Motion: Know More About It

Data in motion is protected health information, or PHI, that is transmitted electronically to a third party through use of email, FTP or other communication. Any time you move information from your computer or server, it is an absolute necessity that you fully comply with the NIST standards. This law applies primarily to the medical community since they are privy to extremely sensitive patient information that should never be made available to non-secure parties.

Private patient information can be extremely detrimental in the wrong hands. With such sensitive information, a patient's life could potentially be ruined. Diseases and other health related info can affect a patient's finances, health coverage, career and personal life if the relevant specifics fall into an enemy's lap. HIV test results are a perfect example of this problem at work, and the reason for confidentiality becomes abundantly clear when you think of fatal and contagious diseases like this one. For these reasons the federal government has stepped in with a set of laws to protect the rights of patients, and they are ready to enforce these laws upon the medical community with a stern resolve.

Some companies offer a cost-effective solution to the problem of compliance. Some of these programs work wonders on your current technology and daily processes so that you never again have to worry about accidentally transmitting some privileged patient info. An online on-demand application that satisfies all the NIST requirements for protecting medical information in motion, this exclusive system could be the answer to your prayers. Some of the encryption employed in the program even allows your company to take advantage of the Safe Harbor Rule, meaning your organization will be exempt from having to report a breach if encryption is part of your compliance topography.

There is no doubt that data in motion has become the greatest threat to HITECH compliance. Many breaches have already occurred, meaning some type of data has leaked from one entity to another. This is completely unacceptable and definitely punishable by the new laws taking effect. It would therefore make sense to find a program that is an easy answer to making sure all your data in motion needs are met.


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