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Friday, April 9, 2010

Second Generation Dell PowerVault 110T LTO-2 Tape Storage Drives

Data security and protection are most essential for the success of your organization. LTO-2 tape technology continues to be one of the most demanded, reliable and cost effective recording medium for mission critical data. Dell has engineered new advanced 110, LTO-2-L Power-Vault drives that are ideal for enterprise severs and mid-range environments. Dell 110T, LTO-2-L Power Vault tape drive is based on LTO-2 tape format. High speed Dell LTO-2 tape drive assures longer working life, exceptional disaster recovery and efficient reading/writing capability.

Dell LTO-2 PowerVault drive has native transfer speed of 86.4GB/hr with capacity reaching up to 200 GB on single Dell LTO2 tape. Dell LTO2 tape drives offer affordable storage solutions for small & medium businesses. Native data capacity of Dell LTO-2 drive is 200GB with 86.4 GB/hour transfer speed. Dell PowerVault tape drive is ideal option for small & medium enterprises. Dell LTO2 tape’s part number is 340-8701. Dell LTO2 tape drives are more cost efficient because their power consumption is lesser than other drives.

LTO-1 data tapes can also be used with second generation Dell tape drives. The Dell LTO2 drive provides more flexibility and benefits to its customers. Backup rate of Dell LTO2 tape drive has been improved by 62.5% over LTO-1 tape technology. Dell PowerVault LTO2 drive can read as well as write data onto the LTO-1 ultrium tape cartridges. This ensures protection of your prior technology investments. Highly durable Dell LTO backup tapes with their part numbers are given below: Dell LTO 1 tape ( 09W084 ), Dell LTO 2 tape ( 340-8701 ), Dell LTO 3 tape ( 0HC591 and 341-2647 ), Dell LTO 4 tape (341-4640 and 341-4647 ).

Dell LTO-2 tape drive features a new technology that prevents back-hitching. This new feature is called “data speed matching”. Dell LTO2 drive adjusts its transfer rate accordingly to the server’s data transfer speed. Digital speed matching capability results in increased data throughput and tape longevity. Dell 110T LTO-2 tape drive offers incredibly low ownership cost and exceptional value. Dell LTO 2 drives provide lowest cost per GB thus offering its customers a complete cost efficient backup solution. Fewer Dell LTO-2 media tape cartridges will be required than the LTO-1 tapes to accommodate greater data amounts.

Exceptional compatibility of Dell Power-Vault drives provides the IT mangers more benefits and flexibility. The data administrators can efficiently incorporate the Dell LTO-2 Power-Vault tape drives into their backup storage and server environment. You can configure these Dell LTO2 drives either externally or internally with your servers. Dell 110T LTO-2 drive comes with all the necessary equipments that ensure easy and quick installation, including quick start guide, SCSI terminator and SCSI cables. These high speed Dell tape drives support a vast range of software which includes Yosemite Tape-Ware, Comm-Vault Galaxy and Veritas Backup Exec. Intelligently designed tape head helps in stable tracking thus leading to smooth and efficient drive operations. Dell LTO2 tape drives provide you increased capacity, superior performance and outstanding compatibility.


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