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Friday, April 9, 2010

Speeding up Your Computer with PC Technical Support

All PC technical support executives have to face questions about making the computer work at a faster pace. There are some tricks that you can apply to help yourself out with PC technical support.

The first step to your PC technical support is to reinstall your operating system. You may be using Windows or any other operating system. Sometimes there are lots of unwanted messed up codes that clog up the working area of your operating system. When you uninstall it, these additional files created, gets deleted. The installation of a fresh operating system, free from all unwanted additional files, makes your computer feel light and trim. It reflects on the speed of its performance.

If you want to go for PC technical support without really reformatting your operating system, you can try out other alternative of computers support. Check out your control panel and weed out all programs and files that you do not use any more. They are just taking up storage space that you might use for other purposes to leave blank. You need not be a PC technical support expert to figure out that less data on your hard disk makes it faster.

Run a Disk Cleanup. You can find that option in Systems Tools on your Start menu. Get rid of items in the Recycle Bin. Run a Disk Defragmenter. This will get rid of all those old files that you don’t remember or need. It also reorganizes your data. Optimizing your computer will help you greatly with PC technical support.

There is another built-in PC technical support that you can use: MSCONFIG. Type this in your ‘Run’ option on the Start menu. This controls the items which you need to boot each time you switch on your computer. The MSCONFIG command gives you the list of items that boot. If you don’t want any of these items, you can uncheck the boxes by attached to them. With lesser items to boot, it goes without saying that your computer will run faster. Take a look at the icons beside the clock on your computer. They are the items that boot. If you want to get rid of any, right click your mouse on them and deselect them.

Other PC technical support ideas include upgrading your RAM to at least 1MB. You can update your video card. A modern video card does wonders to your computer speed. Check your motherboard compatibility first. Turn off the screen savers or the Aero Glass effects on Vista. Choose a minimalist theme. Check for malware and virus infections regularly. If you cannot afford an anti-virus, use the free versions available on the net. It is advisable that you tinker with your computer only after you have taken back-up copies of your work. Data loss is a serious issue and no one likes to endure one.


Tangerine Fairy said...

wow..This takes me back to my Tech support days..Reinstalling was the best option for everything j/k LOL


Bob West said...

I enjoyed your blog! Great insights!
100 ways to be more loving
God Bless, Bob

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