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Friday, April 9, 2010

Strengthen and Support Database Management with Remote Database Administration

A database is the foundation of the digital economy. A database organizes the huge amount of data created on a regular basis and even stores the information that runs a business. Recession has made IT companies to reduce their database administration staff in spite of huge database support requirement for sustaining its e-business infrastructure. With increase in databases size and complexity, the role of a database administrator is becoming increasingly difficult.

Selecting and implementing an effective database management plan of action is very important for distributing of information across all channels accurately and efficiently. This has made many companies to approach database outsourcing company through a remote database administrators. Remote database administrators specialize in delivering database administration services on a 24x7 basic.

Leading remote database administration vendors provide all the functions of a full-time database administration like database monitoring, maintenance, optimization, backup, recovery, and reporting. Remote DBAs helps companies to outsource certain database administration functions without investing on the resources needed to handle the database support in-house. IT analysts do agree with remote database administration services advantages over in-house which include low cost database support, improved system availability, and better utilization of internal database administrators towards plan of action goals.

Remote database administrators provide the best services which help in increasing productivity and reduce the cost of enterprise computing. The main remote administration service offers dedicated senior database administrators, support on call, best third party monitoring tools, and analytics, as well as case tracking and regular proactive system audits.

Above all, database outsourcing reduces the database management budget by approximately 40%. This explains why companies are opting remote database administration in lowering cost and increasing efficiency.


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