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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Top 35 online games for girls

Any aspiring fashion designer or a girl who loves clothes shop, you will love these online games. These games can even be fun for adults, especially mothers to be. Parents can see that these games are usually free, non-violent, creative and keep your children entertained. These games are versions for different age groups and different levels of difficulty.

1. Bloons

Very addictive game where you play as a monkey throwing darts. At each level, you have thrown a large number of balloons, a set of darts, and the required number of balloons to pop.

2. Quest For The Rest
leading to the rest of the band. Make sure you go at all levels, because in the end you will have access to two live tracks.

3. Sushi Zuma

In Sushi Zuma, has a snack train moving on a route and in the middle of the stage, spitting the control of a child, various sandwiches. His goal is to make the alignment of three or more bubbles of the same pop, so you will not reach the train safely at the end of the runway. Cool graphics and sound effects complement the game.

4. Punk Princess Show

Go wild with the wildest is never hit the track! With good music, the most beautiful princess.

5. Snoopy Archery

Lovely Snoopy learn archery, up and down, how can you hit? This game will give you a good time.

6. Baby Pacman

The baby will escape being chased by toys, food and. Baby Pacman This game has fun sound effects.

7. Bloons Tower Defense 3

A tower defense game with monkeys darts? Absolutely! Pop all the balloons before they reach the end of the runway. To do this, you can monkeys throw darts, boomerangs, guns, bombs, road spikes, and more!

8. Samorost 1

A combination of interactive art works with a seductive argument. In Samorost 1, you must help save his planet to a friend in a collision with another avoided. Click on most things, and try to understand a logical order, to maintain the accident not happened.

9. Samorost 2

In Samorost 2, you help the little guy, but this time, the UAS to retrieve her boy, who was kidnapped by two unknown. The following insurance companies as its predecessor in terms of graphics and gameplay.

10. Blocky

In this game, who filled the seats around you and drag a rectangle on the four corners of the same color. Once you release the mouse button to collect all places within its rectangle. About the rectangle to make the more points until you have passed the level.

11. Bejeweled

Very addictive game where you have to modify two adjacent gems to align a series of three or more gems like these. You can also order combos and tricks more points. The game has two versions: a normal and a calendar.

12. Ring Mania

simple game where you rotate a circle in the center of rotation (using the arrow keys right and left) and ribbons falling from the top. Match three rings of the same color to pop them and score points.

13. Puzz Pinball

Guide a pinball ball from the point where it is dropped all the way to the exit hole. On each level, you will have several pinball elements at your disposal that can make the ball bounce, change its direction and so on. There is also a good amount of flexibility, given the fact that you can rotate each of the elements.

14. CuberXtreme

political game well, where they fit into blocks to push-to-color and they disappear. There are many types of containers, ranging from trailers, with any color of the cubes of pets that can give you a hand to be freely combined. The initial level of employment as a basic tutorial, and then the fun begins.

15. 3D Logic Cube

Easy to play, but difficult. Simply connect the squares of color on a 3D cube, without overlapping connections. Easy? Try to reach, level 30, then!


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