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Sunday, November 15, 2009

photo of Bradley Mitchell Bradley's Wireless / Networking Blog

Wireless locators help track down the physical location of people or things. Personal locators, for example, are small devices that plot your position on a map. They are especially useful when lost while driving. Child trackers comprise a wireless transmitter fastened to the child and a receiver carried by the parent. When the child moves outside of a set range from the parent, the transmitter alerts the parent with sound. Other kinds of wireless locators are even designed to help you find missing keys or tools.

Wireless locators generally don't use Wi-Fi. Instead, each one features its own radio communication protocol. Personal locators typically also utilize GPS technology to plot physical coordinates precisely. Although these devices sound cool, research wireless locator products carefully before purchasing. Consumers historically have had many complaints about their reliability, the useful range of signals and alerts, and battery life.


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